12V 7Ah Battery


12V battery: 1x 12V7Ah battery for battery operated electric ride on remote control toy cars.Suitable for any 12V kiddies electric battery powered ride on car

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Product Description

12V 7Ah batteries for 12V ride on cars

Suitable for:

  • 12V Red Audi Ride on Car
  • 12V Beamer Ride on Car
  • 12V 2 Seater Jeep Tide on Car
  • 12V Remote control Jeep ride on Car


  • Total Voltage: 12V
  • Size per battery:151x65x95mm
  • Amp Hours:7Ah

Please note: Our batteries do not come with a wiring harness, so you will simply have to use the wiring harness on your old scooter and connect it to your new batteries or battery pack.