How do we know you are a real company?

We can assure you that we are a very real coffee drinking, keyboard pushing team of dedicated ecommerce gurus….with a slight perversion for anything with wheels. Do some checks…facebook , call us on 0861 467772 or visit us at 162 Pretoria Road Benoni, Drop in and say ‘Hi’

How long does the battery last?

Generally all the rechargeable toys last around 1 hour flatout riding, and charge time of 3-5 hours depending on the vehicle. What you will find is that the kids will play stop-go and last much longer┬áthan an hour. As the batteries deteriorate this ride time will reduce, check out our link on how to get max life from your batteries (KEEP THEM CHARGED!…DONT STORE THEM FLAT)

Do you stock spares?

Yes, we have a full spares inventory and a workshop to assist. Most of the spares are DIY, and we will help you with the repair/replacement of the part. Simple….check our Youtube video channel for more information

What is the warranty period?

We offer a 6 month warranty on all our products and 3 months on the batteries. Please check out link on how to get maximum life out of your batteries. But don’t worry, after the warranty period, we stock all spares to cater for any mishap or repair that you may need